Popular Physics Day's lectures

The annual Gothenburg Physics Centre event "Fysikens dag" (Physics Day) at the International Science Festival in Gothenburg attracted many curious physics lovers of all ages to listen to interesting lectures in Gustaf Dalén lecture hall on 21 April.
ItFysikens dag 2018 was probably a record attendance and the event attracted more young people than usual. Many thanks to all visitors and to our inspiring lecturers Ulf Gran, Cecilia Fager, Daniel Midtvedt, Dag Hanstorp and Tatsiana Lobovkina.

We also thank Fredrik Höök and Christian Forssén who hosted the day. Christian Forssén was also the highly appreciated "secret Einstein lecturer" this year.
His talk about artificial intelligence inspired some young students to bring up questions, perspectives and ideas of their own.

You can now watch some of the lectures (in Swedish) on Youtube.
Learn about gravitational waves and black holes (Professor Ulf Gran) and have a look into the world of atoms and molecules (PhD Student Cecilia Fager).

You can also watch the Einstein lecture about artificial intelligence (Professor Christian Forssén). 

Published: Wed 02 May 2018. Modified: Wed 09 May 2018