Outstanding physicists praised at Chalmers

​After a two-year hiatus, it is time again to hand out Gothenburg's Lise Meitner Prize, an annual award to a researcher who has made a breakthrough in physics. At the ceremony on September 8, the 2020 and 2021 awards will be presented, for advances in ultrafast laser technology and neutron supermirrors.
– Lise Meitner was an outstanding physicist with a fascinating life. This award is a tribute both to her and to the researchers who have followed in her footsteps and made new ground-breaking discoveries in physics. This year's award ceremony is special because we get the opportunity to pay tribute to two exceptional award winners, says Carina Persson, chairman of the award committee.
Gothenburg's Lise Meitner Prize has been awarded annually since 2006 to an outstanding physicist, in memory of Lise Meitner, a nuclear physicist who fled to Sweden from Germany in 1938 and subsequently one of the world's most prominent in her field. The prize is awarded by Gothenburg's Physics Centre, a collaboration of four departments at Chalmers and Gothenburg University, to pay tribute to researchers, but also to enrich the research environments and networks in Gothenburg through joint activities.
Due to the pandemic, the laureates for 2020 and 2021 will be recognized at the ceremony on September 8-9: Anne L'Huillier, professor at Lund University, and Ferenc Mezei, professor at the Hungarian Academy of Sciences in Budapest who also has a connection to Lund, where until recently he been technical coordinator for one of Sweden's largest research facilities, the European Spallation Source project. Read more about the award winners and their research.​

Both laureates will give a speech at the award ceremony on September 8, and a symposium will be held in their honor on September 9, where researchers from several Swedish universities will present current research related to the laureates' fields.

- It will be very exciting to listen to the prize winners' talks about how they made their discoveries, but it will also be an excellent opportunity for us who do research at Chalmers and Gothenburg universities to broaden our collaborations with outstanding researchers at other Swedish universities, says Carina Person.

Gothenburg Physics C​​entre

is a collaboration between four departments: Physics, Space, Earth and Environmental Sciences and Microtechnology and Nanoscience at Chalmers University of Technology, as well as the Department of Physics at the University of Gothenburg. The center includes approximately 200 professors, 120 doctoral students and 550 students. The overall goal of the Physics Center is to promote the subject of physics in Gothenburg through a range of different activities.

Page manager Published: Wed 07 Sep 2022.