Illustration by José Carmelo

Seminar by José Carmelo

Seminar by Professor José Carmelo, University of Minho, Portugal

Title: Effects of long-range interactions on spectral properties of low-dimensional systems


A transformation that accounts for the universality found in Ref. [1] concerning the spectral functions of both integrable and non-integrable one-dimensional (1D) correlated systems is used to generate from the pseudofermion dynamical theory of the integrable 1D Hubbard model [2], which relies on a suitable rotated-electron representation [2,3], a corresponding renormalized theory with additional electron finite-range interactions [4]. An improved version of the latter theory that accounts for long-range interactions is used to describe the experimental spectral lines in the angle resolved photoemission spectroscopy (ARPES) of two low-dimensional systems: The quantum line defects in the two-dimensional van der Waals layered semiconductor MoSe2 [4] and an anisotropic InSb(001) surface covered with Bi [5]. The theoretical predictions refer to high-energy windows in the vicinity of the peaks of the observed spectral lines. For the parameters values for which the predicted peaks distribution agrees with that in the ARPES images, the low-energy power-law density of states suppression exponent α is given by α ≈ 0.72−078 for the MoSe2 line defects [4] and α ≈ 0.60 − 0.70 for Bi/InSb(001) [5], in agreement with their experimental uncertainties.
(For the 1D Hubbard model, α < 1/8).
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Category Seminar
Location: Lunchroom, Soliden floor 3
Starts: 23 May, 2018, 15:15
Ends: 23 May, 2018, 16:15

Published: Wed 16 May 2018. Modified: Mon 21 May 2018