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Ceremony and lecture – Gothenburg Lise Meitner Award 2019

Regents’​ Professor Aust​en Angell at Arizona State University, USA, is the winner of the Gothenburg Lise Meitner Award 2019. He will visit the Gothenburg Physics Centre to receive the award and give the traditional award lecture in honour of the Austrian-Swedish physicist Lise Meitner. ​Professor Aust​en Angell receives the award "For inventing the concept of fragility of glass-forming liquids.” 

Refreshments will be served after the lecture.​

Austen Angell​, born 1933 in Canberra, Australia, is currently Regents’ Professor at Arizona State University, 
During his long career, he has worked mostly on liquids and glasses, but also published on geochemical, biophysical and battery electrolyte problems. He currently makes a major effort in the energy storage and
conversion disciplines. 
He has more than 500 publications and has received several awards – for example the “Outstanding reviewer” award by APS 2009 and the Galileo Galilei award by ISPE 2018. In 2015 he was honored as University College London's Bragg lecturer. 
Professor Angell holds a Ph.D. degree from London University, Imperial College, where he won the Armstrong medal for 1959-61. He made a postdoc at Argonne National Laboratory, before joining Purdue University where he became full professor in 1971, and is at ASU since 1989. 
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Category Event; Seminar; Public lecture
Location: To be annouced
Starts: 19 September, 2019, 15:15
Ends: 19 September, 2019, 17:00

Published: Thu 18 Apr 2019. Modified: Wed 03 Jul 2019