GPC Colloquium with Bernhard Mehlig
​Illustration (left): Model calculation. Spatial distribution of heavy particles in a two-dimensional mixing flow. The image looks like light patterns seen at the bottom of a swimming pool on a sunny day. Portrait photo (right): Bernard Mehlig. 
​Portrait photo: Holger Motzkau, Wikipedia/Wikimedia Commons​

Gothenburg Physics Centre (GPC) colloquium: Bernhard Mehlig

About the GPC colloquium series:
We are restarting the Colloquium series within GPC (Gothenburg Physics Centre) but in a different format and place – the Faculty at Wijkanders. 
Local and non-local speakers will bring you new insights from the many facets of Physics, and there will be ample possibilities to mingle with your colleagues afterwards. The purpose of the GPC lectures is knowledge sharing and real life community building.  Therefore we will not provide any zoom link to the lecture. We instead welcome you all to attend in person! 

SPEAKER: Prof. Bernard Mehlig, Department of Physics, Gothenburg University
TITLETurbulent Aerosols
ABSTRACTTurbulent aerosols are suspensions of droplets or solid particles in a turbulent gas, such as water droplets in the turbulent air of a cumulus cloud. The analysis of such highly non-linear and multi-scale problems poses formidable challenges. Laboratory experiments resolving the particle dynamics have only recently become possible, and direct numerical simulations of such systems are still immensely difficult.
In this talk I describe recent progress in understanding the dynamics of turbulent aerosols. We formulated and analysed statistical models that  capture the relevant physics, that account for the statistical properties of the turbulent flow, and that allow systematic mathematical analysis using dynamical-systems theory. I summarise how this helps to understand fundamental mechanisms determining the particle dynamics: small-scale fractal clustering, caustic singularities, and anomalously large relative particle velocities. I highlight successes and failures of this approach, as well as the most important open questions.

(Reference: K. Gustavsson & B. Mehlig, Adv. Phys. 65 (2016) 1-57.)
Category Seminar
Location: Wijkanders, Vera Sandbergs allé 5B
Starts: 19 May, 2022, 15:00
Ends: 19 May, 2022, 16:00

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