2015 Ivan Schuller

The Lise Meitner Award Committee appointed Ivan Schuller, Professor of Physics, University of California - San Diego, as recipient of the Award for 2015. He is distinguished for his contributions to physics and in particular for "For creating the field of metallic superlattices and recognizing its impact on magnetism and superconductivity".

Professor Schuller will receive the award and deliver the annual Lise Meitner lecture.

Thursday 17 september 2015
15.15–17:30, Gustaf Dalén Lecture hall, Chalmers
The award will be handed over by Mats Viberg, Chalmers' First Vice President.  
Everyone is welcome to take part in this event.

A solid state physicist
Prof. Ivan K. Schuller, of the Physics Department, the California Institute for Telecommunications and Information Technology (Calit2) and the Center for Advanced Nanoscience (CAN) at the University of California-San Diego, is a Solid State Physicist. A Fellow of the American Physical Society and a member of the Chilean, Spanish and Belgian Academies of Sciences. He has won many awards and published more than 480 technical papers and 20 patents, has given more than 350 invited lectures at international conferences and is one of the 100 most cited physicists (out of 500,000) in the last 15 years. (http://can.ucsd.edu/people.php?selection=schuller)

Expertise in the high technology area
Prof. Schuller has extensive expertise in the high technology area. He is the head of a group of more than 10 researchers (technicians, students and postdocs), focusing their attention on the basic research of Nanostructured, Organic, Magnetic and Superconducting materials. As the Director of the AFOSR funded Multidisciplinary Research Initiative (MURI) on Integrated Nanosensors he lead a group of more than 40 physicists, chemists, bio-chemists and engineers focusing on the development of multiple nanosensors on a chip, with integrated power, limited computation and wireless communications. (http://can.ucsd.edu/people.php?selection=schuller)

Science related outreach and artistic activities
In addition to his scientific activities, Prof. Schuller has extensive science related outreach and artistic activities. He has given numerous public lectures world wide in museums and TV about science to young and old, in several of the 7 languages he speaks. His movie "When Things Get Small" centered on Nanoscience has been translated to Spanish and Portuguese, has won 5 regional EMMYs, 2 TELLYs, a 1st Place Gold Camera Award and a 2nd place at the MRS professional film festival. His play "W=S" centered on the life of William Shockley is in the process of production. He is currently writing the script for his second full-length feature movie "When Things Get Big". (http://can.ucsd.edu/people.php?selection=schuller)

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