Chalmers tekniska högskola AB is a Foundation University that runs Chalmers University of Technology’s academic education, research and utilisation activity. The thirteen departments and shared Operations Support function together constitute Chalmers’ line organisation. Complementing the departments are other organisational elements – Areas of Advance and educational areas – whose purpose is to bring together expertise and integrate research, education and utilisation on an interdepartmental basis.

The President and Vice Presidents

The Presidents and Vice Presidents represent Chalmers in its dealings with Swedish government offices and other external organisations. Their work focuses on overall strategy to move the university forward, plus coordinating and monitoring operations.

The President’s Office

Staff in the President’s Office work closely with the President and his team providing support and coordination. 

Departments and research groups

Chalmers’ 13 departments are the primary source of scientific and technical expertise for the whole organisation, structured around research groups and research divisions. Heads of Department are responsible for the overall operation of their department and are assisted by Deputy and Assistant Heads of Department leading on education, research and utilisation and a Head of Administration. Chalmers’ library is organised by department to assist communication and scientific learning.

Each department has a departmental advisory team consisting of both internal and external members and an external chair to be consulted on issues of strategic importance.

Chalmers Operations Support

Chalmers Operations Support has divisions for management and general university support, HR, IT, communication, planning, analysis and finance, service and a student and education office.

The operations support creates conditions for the university to deliver on its missions. It is led by the university director, who together with the division heads form the operational support's management group.

Anna Lindholm
  • University Director, Chalmers Operations Support
Image of Chalmers

Chalmers is addressing the transition to a sustainable society

Chalmers develops and progresses its overall educational, research and utilisation remits through interdisciplinary activity within its Areas of Advance and areas of education.

Faculty Senate

The Faculty Senate is an advisory body for the President and consists of elected representatives from the faculty of all Chalmers’ departments. Its role includes reviewing academic quality and ensuring that there is a good academic environment.

The Faculty Senate has 26 members, including the Chair and Vice Chair. They are joined at their meetings by representatives from the Student Union, the doctoral student section and the library, and the President and First Vice President. The role of the President and First Vice President in meetings is to provide current information about Chalmers as a whole, to answer and address members’ questions and to listen to and engage in agenda items and discussions.

In particular, the Faculty Senate will:

  • ensure there is a good academic environment at Chalmers
  • monitor and critically review operational quality from an academic perspective
  • draw attention to the ethical aspects of all Chalmers’ work, including gender equality and diversity
  • consider the relationship between research, doctoral programmes and undergraduate and Master’s level education
  • help Chalmers to fulfil its role within the international science community, in accordance with the 1988 Bologna declaration
  • ensure that Chalmers’ lecturers and students are guaranteed the traditional academic freedoms of thought, expression and action. ​​

Current term of office: 1 July 2023–30 June 2026.

Acting Chair person/Vice chair person

Karin Lundgren

  • Head of Division, Structural Engineering, Architecture and Civil Engineering

Operations support/coordinator

Erika Hansson

  • Coordinator, Management and General University Support, Chalmers Operations Support

Other members

Architecture and Civil Engineering

Julia Fredriksson

  • Researcher, Urban Design and Planning, Architecture and Civil Engineering

Life Sciences

Carl Johan Franzén

  • Head of Division, Industrial Biotechnology, Life Sciences

Anna Karlsson-Bengtsson

  • Full Professor, Life Sciences

Computer Science and Engineering

Magnus Almgren

  • Associate Professor, Computer and Network Systems, Computer Science and Engineering

Peter Ljunglöf

  • Senior Lecturer, Computing Science, Computer Science and Engineering

Electrical Engineering

Thomas Hammarström

  • Associate Professor, Electric Power Engineering, Electrical Engineering

Thomas Rylander

  • Head of Unit, Signal Processing and Biomedical Engineering, Electrical Engineering


Andreas Ekström

  • Professor, Subatomic, High Energy and Plasma Physics, Physics

Eva Olsson

  • Full Professor, Nano and Biophysics, Physics

Industrial and Materials Science

Leif Asp

  • Full Professor, Material and Computational Mechanics, Industrial and Materials Science

Cecilia Berlin

  • Associate Professor, Design & Human Factors, Industrial and Materials Science

Chemistry and Chemical Engineering

Maths Karlsson

  • Full Professor, Energy and Materials, Chemistry and Chemical Engineering

Marcus Wilhelmsson

  • Full Professor, Chemistry and Biochemistry, Chemistry and Chemical Engineering

Mathematical Sciences

Irina Pettersson

  • Head of Unit, Applied Mathematics and Statistics, Mathematical Sciences

Aila Särkkä

  • Full Professor, Applied Mathematics and Statistics, Mathematical Sciences

Mechanics and Maritime Sciences

Johan Eliasson

  • Lecturer, Maritime Studies, Mechanics and Maritime Sciences

Håkan Johansson

  • Professor, Dynamics, Mechanics and Maritime Sciences

Microtechnology and Nanoscience

Floriana Lombardi

  • Full Professor, Quantum Device Physics, Microtechnology and Nanoscience

Victor Torres Company

  • Professor, Photonics, Microtechnology and Nanoscience

Space, Earth and Environment

Sonia Yeh

  • Full Professor, Physical Resource Theory, Space, Earth and Environment

Technology Management and Economics

Henrik Berglund

  • Professor, Entrepreneurship and Strategy, Technology Management and Economics

Ida Gremyr

  • Full Professor, Innovation and R&D Management, Technology Management and Economics

Communication and Learning in Science

Becky Bergman

  • Senior Lecturer, Language and Communication, Communication and Learning in Science

Anders Johansson

  • Senior Lecturer, Engineering Education Research, Communication and Learning in Science


Fredrik Börjesson Sandén

  • Doctoral Student, Energy and Materials, Chemistry and Chemical Engineering

Christina Johansson

  • Head of Division, Learning and Learning Environments, Communication and Learning in Science

David Hedgren

Educational Officer 2023–2024, Chalmers student union