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Studenter som går utomhus en molnig dag

On this page, we gather activities and happenings connected to Genie and equality. For example, Genie has a visiting research programme, a mentorship programme and reports over Gender-divided data at Chalmers. 

Genie supports the WiSE-WACQT mentorship program

The WiSE-WWACQT Mentorship Program is an initiative that aims at providing support for female PhD students and post-docs either at the E2 Department or WWACQT, through mentorship. The idea is to provide a one-to-one connection between junior and senior scientists working at different departments at Chalmers.

Visiting researcher programme

Genie's visiting researcher programme aims to improve gender balance in a department or division, to provide role models and international contacts for students and faculty, and to support excellent research.

More about Genie visiting researcher programme

Gender-divided data and employee survey analysis

Genie publishes gender-divided data each year, starting 2018, for Chalmers as a whole, for departments and for divisions. The data includes gender division for various positions (all types of research-related positions), and for sick-leave and salaries. We also provide analysis comparing data for different years. Are you interested in reading the reports? Contact 

Genie Open Call projects

Chalmers' research database provides information about the projects that got funding in Genie's Open Call. Here you can see the projects that got fundings of Genie 

Genie course on cultural change

Genies local representatives at the departments are currently being educated in both ambassadorship and “Active bystander techniques”, in order to be able to work in the best possible way towards creating great working environments in their departments. In the future, the goal is to offer the course to more employees at Chalmers.

Genie's Leadership Programs

During the year, Genie's leadership program in female leadership and inclusive leadership was organized for Chalmers employees. Lauri Robbins Ericson is the creator and leader of the course.
The Women's Leadership Program aims to give female STEM graduates the tools to lead both themselves and others.
The purpose of the Inclusive Leadership Program is to develop inclusive leaders who understand the value of embracing diversity and creating cultures of inclusion and belonging, and why this is important in academia, research and society today.