Evenemanget har passerat

Lara Ortmanns, Tillämpad kvantfysik

Titel: From 2d-van der Waals magnets to superconductor hybrid devices


Evenemanget har passerat

Abstract: In this talk we focus on two distinct topics in different lines of research within mesoscopic physics. The first topic is related to magnons in 2d-van der Waals magnets. In extension to previous work, we discuss properties of the magnon disperson of a bilayer system and uncover an underlying PT-symmetry, which explains the topology of the magnon spectrum and the absence of a magnon Hall effect in our system. The second topic deals with a quantum dot device (NDS) consisting of a quantum dot proximzed by a large gap superconductor and weakly coupled to a normal metal. We study the transient dynamics, including charge and heat transport after distinct switches in gate voltage, which prepare the initial state. The analysis makes significantly use of a so called fermionic duality, that is a certain dissipative symmetry. This way we obtain a detailed microscopic understanding of how to control charge and heat currents in our NDS-device. We conclude with an outlook to further possible extensions of this work.


Public presentation after thesis defense (cotutored with RWTH Aachen, Germany).