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Forskare på Data-och informationsteknik, avdelningen för Data Science och AI

Recent Master's thesis projects that I supervised:
  • s
  • D
  • etecting and predicting automation expectation mismatch
  • Safety evaluation of heterogeneous traffic: using modified models in SUMO
  • Using p
  • re-trained language models for extractive text summarisation of academic pape
  • rs
  • A
  • I-based road friction estimation using road weather information
  • Predicting pedestrian movement for street segments in urban envir
  • onments
  • Exploring semi-supervised learning for deciding the order of vehicles in rear-end crashes
  • Lane-l
  • evel map matching using hidden Markov models
  • Influ
  • ence area of speed cameras
  • Hi
  • ghway tollgates traffic prediction using a stacked autoencoder neural network
  • High
  • way tollgates travel time & volume predictions using Support Vector Regression with scaling meth
  • ods
  • Topi
  • c modelling and clustering for analysis of road traffic accide
  • nts
  • Au
  • tomating text categorization with Machine Learning: Error responsibility routing in a multi-layer hierarchy

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