Roland Kádár


The processing of soft matter into products typically involves rheologically complex fluids in complex flow configurations. Thus, understanding flow-field-matter/compositional interactions in relation to fundamental rheological properties is essential for obtaining products with favorable performance.

In this framework, the staples of Roland's research and current related activities and interests are:
(i) Advanced characterization methods, method development - focused on nonlinear material characterization and hyphenated rheological techniques, e.g. rheo-microscopy, rheo-SAXS, mainly applied to nanocellulose suspensions, polymer nanocomposites, adhesives and biomaterials (biofilms, tissues).
(ii) Tailoring multifunctional properties in nanostructured materials - focused on the process structuring of polymer nanocomposites based on graphene and other high aspect ratio fillers for enhanced electrical, antibacterial, thermal, mechanical, gas-barrier etc. properties.
(iii) Dynamics of simple and complex fluids for processing applications - focused on modeling, processing flow and compositional optimization of high filler content bicomposites and flow-assisted structuring of nanocrystalline cellulose dispersions.

Roland is PI in the Wallenberg Wood Science Centre (WWSC 2.0) and the Vinnova Competence Centre '2D material-based technology for industrial applications' (2D-TECH). Roland is also Reseach Competence Area leader for Predictive Processing within the FibRe Vinnova Competence Centre. In addition to his activities at Chalmers, Roland is President of the Nordic Rheology Society.​​
MTT090 Polymer Processing and Properties, lektor och examinator
MTT085 Materialteknik, lektor i Polymera Material
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'Rheology-art' out of experiments performed by members and friends. Image credit: RK, RK, MF, RK, Dr. Karolina Gaska / Dr. Santosh Pandit, Sahana Cooper, Yogesh Thadavathi.    

Our research group is focused on the  Rheology and Processing of Soft Matter. We thrive on interdisciplinary cooperation and exciting new ideas are always welcome! 

PI: Roland Kádár     

Postdoctoral researchers
Dr. Georgia Manika  
Dr. Reza Ghanbari   
Dr. Viney Ghai     

PhD students
Simon Ingelsten2, MSc
Sylwia Wojno, MSc   
Sajjad Pashazadeh, MSc​
Hengzhi Ruan, MSc
Chris Georgantopoulos3, MSc

Graduate students and interns
Lingeshvaram Rengasamy
​Léo Mutschler            
1industrial PhD student (Fraunhofer-Chalmers); together with Dr. Andreas Mark and Assoc. Prof. Fredrik Edelvik (FCC) 
3visiting PhD student from the Karlsruhe Institue of Technology (KIT), Germany
(updated 20/01/2021)

Alumni count: Postdoctoral researchers [3], PhD students [0], Research assistants [4], Interns [3], Master thesis workers [11].​

A few memories:

Screenshot 2021-04-21 at 11.46.26.jpeg
April 2021 Another virtual conferene success. It was hard work but fun organizing the 14th Annual European Rheology Coference. Photo with group members and alumni present at the conference (from left to right: Sajjad, Mina, Sylwia, Simon, Roland and Reza).

October 2020: check out our entry in the materials sicence photo exhibition for 2020 Gothenburg Science Festival: 'Painting with cellulose nanocrystals'. 

August 2020 NRC2020 in Cyberspace, a memorable occasion: Group photo with other participants joining in, hihglighted from left to right: Thanos, Sajjad, Roland, Georgia, Sylwia, Mina and Simon. 

Simon copy.PNGSajjad.PNG
Sylwia copy.PNGMina.PNG
August 2020 NRC2020 in Cyberspace, a memorable occasion: Simon, Sajjad, Sylwia and Mina giving their presentations at the conference. 

SI licentiate.png
April 2020, SI (third from the left) successully defendeded his licentiate thesis, April 28, 2020.

April 2020, Group meeting, sars - cov -2 edition.

Antibacterial nanocomposites.jpg
March 2020, illustration showing how antibacterial nancomposite surfaces created in our lab can kill bacteria and prevent infections​. Illustration: Yen Strandqvist.

MAX IV.jpegFebruary 2020 (left to right), MF, TT, RK. Visiting the MAX IV LAboratory in Lund. 

September 2019 (right to left) MF, GM, SW and the MTT090 graduate students during a study visit to Borealis AB. 

August 2019, while organizing the 28th Nordic Rheology Conference at Chalmers.

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