Hana Jungová

Forskare, Nano- och biofysik, institutionen för fysik

I joined Chalmers in January 2016 and I am now employed as a researcher in Bionanophotonics group. I received my PhD in 2014 from the Charles University in Prague (Czech Republic). My doctoral studies focused on the development of optical biosensors and biomolecular assays for elucidating the biophysics and interactions of nucleic acids. As a postdoc in the group of Prof. Mikael Käll at the Department of Physics, Chalmers, I transitioned towards more advanced optical methods, such as optical tweezers, and novel nanophotonics systems for single-molecule detection and their applications for solving biophysical problems. I am a physicist by training, but my research has a strong multidisciplinary focus that combines physics with nanotechnology and biochemistry. My current research interests include light-induced forces on nanoparticles and the application of resonant nanoparticles in biomolecular sensing and nanomedicine.

Sidansvarig Publicerad: fr 29 okt 2021.