Patrik Johansson

  • Professor, Materialfysik, Fysik

Prof. Patrik Johansson is Full Professor in Physics at Chalmers University of Technology, Sweden, where he runs a research group of ca. 10 PhD students and postdocs. His research mainly aims to develop and understand (conceptually) new electrolytes at the molecular level by combining modeling and spectroscopy with practical performance studies, especially for next generation batteries. He is also co-director of Alistore-ERI (CNRS FR 3104); one of Europe's largest industry-academia networks within the field, and active in several EU projects; the FET-Open CARBAT (Ca-batteries), the Graphene Flagship Core 3 (Li-S batteries), and BIG-MAP within Battery 2030+. For his ideas on Al-batteries he won BASF’s Open Innovation Contest on Energy Storage in 2015 (€100,000) and he is a frequently invited speaker at major battery conferences such as IMLB, IBA, ICNaB, ISPE, €-MRS, MRS.