Marianna Ivashina

  • Professor, Kommunikation, Antenner och Optiska Nätverk, Elektroteknik
  • Enhetschef, Kommunikation, Antenner och Optiska Nätverk, Elektroteknik

Marianna Ivashina är professor och ledare för forskargruppen Antennsystem. This group has done internationally recognized work on innovative antenna technologies for the Square Kilometre radio telescopes (e.g. UWB feeds and beamforming phased-array feeds), disruptive antenna technologies for 5G/6G applications and systems (e.g. Gap waveguide antennas and Doherty-power-amplifier-integrated antennas), new antenna test methods and chambers, having published several award-winning publications at the international conferences at IEEE conferences or by IEEE and EurAAP societies. Her current research interests include array antennas, advanced methods for antenna integration with electronics, optimal array beamforming methods, antenna over-the-air measurement methods, and platforms.
Marianna Ivashina is the PI and coordinator of the following on-going large research projects/programmes at the Antenna Group: (i) SSF Sweden-Taiwan strategic collaboration framework project ‘Antenna Technologies for beyond 5G future applications’; (ii) The EU Horizon 2020 MCA Innovative Training Programme ‘MyWave - Efficient Millimetre-Wave Communications for mobile users’; (iii) EUREKA EURIPIDES2 ‘InnoStar - Innovative Systems and Automated Design for 5G/6G Connectivity and Radar Applications’; (iv) VINNOVA Smartare elektroniksystem program’s project ‘ENERGETIC - Energy Efficient, Beamforming Antenna-IC Integration Solutions for future 100+GHz telecommunication systems and services’; (v) ‘OTA - Over-The-Air Characterization of Active Integrated Antennas for Mobile Systems’ funded by Ericsson; (vi) VINNOVA Competence Center ChaseOn project ‘Integrated Antenna Arrays’; and (vii) VINNOVA NFPP7 project ‘Sensor Integration on manned and unmanned aircrafts’.