​The Nanofabrication Laboratory

The Nanofabrication Laboratory is a world-class university cleanroom for research into and fabrication of micro and nanotechnology. It is managed by the Department of Microtechnology and Nanoscience (MC2) at Chalmers, but is an open facility for the entire university as well as external academic and commercial interests.
Cleanroom operation in its current form was started in 2001. The Laboratory is a state-of-the-art facility with 1240 m2 of cleanroom classified area with process and measurement tools providing a broad platform for the development and testing of new ideas in micro and nano technology.
Processing & Education

Electron Beam Lithography
Chalmers and MC2 have many years of experience and  are extremely competent in the use of electron beam lithography. Chalmers is the clear leader in EBL in Scandinavia. Currently two JEOL systems are in operation in the cleanroom, including a JBX 9300FS currently writing features down to 8 nm. EBL is one of the most popular processing services that the Process Laboratory provides to commercial and academic clients, patterning a wide variety of substrates for diverse applications


Thin Film Deposition

A wide variety of metal and insulating thin films can be deposited by a number of evaporation and sputter systems. For instance there is a new FHR 150 mm sputter deposition system with 6 targets along with a Lesker Spectros e-beam evaporation system with 8 sources were installed in the laboratory.


Plasma Processing

The Laboratory has a wide assortment of plasma tools for dry etching and deposition.


Thermal Processing

Chalmers has the ability to thermally process Si wafers up to 150 mm in diameter in its 4 four-stack Centrotherm E2000 furnaces capable of LPCVD, oxidation, drive-in, and annealing.


MBE of III-V materials

An EPI 930 MBE system is used in the Laboratory predominantly to grow IIIV based heterostructures for microwave device applications. The following material combinations are possible: Ga, Al, In / N, P, A


Education & Training

Education is a further function of the Process Laboratory. In its simplest form, hands-on training on the use of process tools is given by the staff. Classroom instruction is also given first in the form of The Cleanroom Introduction Course, which is a pre-requisite for all those who wish to access to Laboratory as a user. This covers such areas as safety, handling chemicals, proper cleanroom behaviour, and specific information concerning the Process Laboratory. The course is offered on a monthly basis, and at additional times if the demand is sufficient. A graduate course in micro and nano processing technologies is also offered by the Laboratory. This gives a theoretical introduction to the common processes used in a cleanroom environment.With its considerable competence and experience in education, courses can be customized to suit any partner’s needs or interests.


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