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New knowledge to meet transport-related challenges in accordance with global goals for safe, sustainable development.

Electric bus at Lindholmen

Sustainable vehicle technology

Sustainable transport systems require the development of energy-efficient vehicle concepts and propulsion systems using renewable energy sources.

We focus on research and innovation in three areas: propulsion systems, vehicle design and sustainability assessment. This is to avoid harmful impacts on climate, health and the environment in all modes of transport.

Human model on computer screen.

Road traffic safety

Road traffic safety includes preventive measures and measures to mitigate the consequences of accidents, in pursuit of a sustainable society.

Our research is based on a better understanding of real traffic environments and behaviour through data collection and analysis. This forms the basis for research into methods and technologies for accident avoidance, injury prevention systems and safety for a multimodal, connected transport system.


Transport and logistics

Efficient, sustainable transport and logistics systems contribute to a sustainable society.

Our research is based on societal challenges and the interaction between actors and different subsystems, including individual mobility, business logistics systems and supply chains. The relationship between transport efficiency and the environmental impact of different solutions also guides the research.