Our research

Nano research at Chalmers is divided into four profile areas: Nano for Knowledge, Nano for Health, Nano for Energy and Nano for ICT. Across the broad profile areas we have identified a number of more specific active fields, many of which are highly interdisciplinary. Moreover, the research on graphene is part of all the four profile areas within the Excellence Initiative Nano.

Our four profile areas:


Nano for Knowledge: Major new discoveries and inventions are often the results of curiosity driven research where the only goal is to increase our understanding. We perform basic research in several areas, ranging from quantum devices to biomolecules.


Nano for Health: In increasing sensitivity and resolution of new analytical methods we pave the way for discoveries in pharma industry and in the health sector. We also bring e.g. fundamental understanding of molecular recognition, cellular uptake, drug release and functionalization of implants.


Nano for Energy: Control of the nanoscale is inevitable  for the systematic development of energy related materials and forms the basis for our approach to energy research.


Nano for ICT: Nano is already present in today´s ICT solutions in increased-density and high-speed driven development (cf. Moore’s law). Additionally, in Nano for ICT, new phenomena and functionalities - present only at the nanoscale - are investigated.


Published: Thu 22 Feb 2018.