Nano related to chemistry

​​Nanochemistry research at Chalmers is a large activity that involves a combination of experimental and theoretical groups. The activities are centered within the larger fields of (bio)physical chemistry, materials chemistry, analytical chemistry, polymer chemistry biological physics and chemical physics. The groups are characterized by scientific excellence, both locally and world-wide, as well as having strong connections to industrial R&D.

The nanochemistry research includes design and investigations of bottom-up, self-assemblying, top-down approaches for the construction of non-repetitive as well as repetitive nanostructures, novel approaches towards efficient artificial light-harvesting to solve future energy challenges.

Furthermore nanochemistry research also includes nanostructured materials aiming at catalytic and biocompatibility applications, single molecule and single cell analytical method development for biological and medicinal applications, cutting edge analytical instrumentation, and molecular logics aiming at both computational and biological applications.


Published: Tue 27 Feb 2018.