Excellence PhD position winners

​​Every year the Excellence Initiative Nano (EI Nano) opens several so-called Excellence PhD positions. This year more than 300 excellent students applied! After reviewing the applications, eight were interviewed and finally three were selected. 
With an Excellence PhD student position, the student has her/his own funding, which gives far more freedom in choosing both research group and research projects.

The selected students are:
Roselle Ngaloy, currently at Chalmers through the Erasmus Mundus Nano program. She chooses Saroj Dash at MC2 as her supervisor.
Eric Nilsson, from the Physics program at Chalmers. He chooses Ulf Gran at Physics as his supervisor.
Evgeniya Pavlova from Moscow State University. She chooses Fredrik Westerlund from Biology and Biological Engineering as her supervisor.

Page manager Published: Mon 26 Apr 2021.