Centres and Infrastructures

Information on infrastructure and  Chalmers-wide centres, which are associated with the EI Nano can be found following the links below.​



The Wallenberg Centre for Quantu​m Technology (WACQT) is a 12 year, SEK 1 billion, research programme that aims to take Swedish research and industry to the forefront of quantum technology – a very rapidly expanding area of technology. Our main project is to develop a Swe​dish quantum computer that can solve problems beyond the reach of conventional supercomputers.​

​The Vinnova Competence Center 2D-TECH stands for 2D material-based technology for industrial applications. It includes 16 industrial partners and focuses on automotive, aerospace and packaging technologies. Our vision is to establish an internationally visible and competitive Swedish hub for excellent 2D materials research and technological innovation.

​The Graphene Centre (GCC) gathers the research at Chalmers on atomically thin 2D materials. It includes a broad spectrum of theoretical and experimental research involving seven different departments. The goal is to offer a forum for 2D material researchers to identify synergy effects and build new collaborations

FoRmulaEx​ is a national industrial research centre for functional RNA delivery. The academic partners Chalmers, Karolinska Institute and University of Gothenburg carry out fundamental research in close cooperation with the industrial partners, lead by AstraZeneca, with the aim to facilitate safe and efficient nanoscale drug-delivery vehicles for next generation nucleotide drugs.


The Competence Centre for Catalysis, KCK, is a national research centre at Chalmers, focusing on research for catalyst-based technologies for energy conversion processes and emission control. With an interdisciplinary approach using a broad range of theoretical methods and experimental techniques, the research at KCK spans from fundamental studies of catalyst-structure relationships to research including implementation and system integration.


Myfab Chalmers

The Chalmers node of Myfab​, the national research infrastructure for micro and nanofabrication and characterisation, offers a broad platform of process tools for the development and testing of new ideas in micro and nanotechnology. The technical support staff runs and maintains the cleanroom, trains the users, supports researchers with process development and problem solving, and offers advanced process services to external customers.

CMAL - Chalmers Materials Analysis Laboratory

Chalmers Materials Analysis Laboratory (CMAL) is Chalmers research infrastructure providing basic and state-of-the-art instruments with relevance to materials science. It is our vision that the multitude of instruments, professional technical support staff and an excellent research environment will provide unique possibilities for conducting world-class materials research.

C3SE (Chalmers Centre for Computational Science and Engineering​)​  provides access to hardware and infrastructure for computational science projects at Chalmers. It is one of six centers in the metacenter Swedish National Infrastructure for Computing​. C3SE presently have two high-performance computing units, with support for GPU (graphics processing unit)-acceleration, and provides access to efficient storage, for example, for database applications.​

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