SmallTalks: Decarbonizing Energy Consumption: Hydrogen as a Fuel

​​​​Welcome to a seminar in the series SmallTalks [about Nanoscience] arranged by the Excellence Initiative Nano​
Speaker: Gerard Montserrat Siso, doctoral student at Chemical Physics/Physics

With the urgent and evident need to address the critical climate challenges, hydrogen has emerged as a potential energy carrier since its use as a fuel represents a ray of hope in the total decarbonization of the energy sector as long as it is produced from renewable energy. Once produced, hydrogen can be used to generate electrical power in a fuel cell, emitting only water and heat as by-products. However, if this entire cycle is meant to be energetically profitable, there a number of challenges that must be overcome. ​

The seminar will be held both live and on Zoom 
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Category Seminar
Location: KC, lecture hall, Kemigården 4, Kemi
Starts: 10 October, 2022, 15:00
Ends: 10 October, 2022, 16:00

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