About us

The Excellence Initiative Nano coordinates research on the unique chemical and physical phenomena that prevail at very small dimensions, and promote the development of technologies that utilise these phenomena. Our over 200 researchers are supported by an excellent infrastructure including a large first-rate clean room for advanced fabrication, and state-of-the-art analytical instrumentation for characterization. The results obtained have been commercialised in several areas, in particular at the interface of nanophysics and nanochemistry.

Our vision is to combine research excellence and engineering advances in nanoscience and nanotechnology to solve societal challenges. Our goal is to further strengthen Chalmers’ position as the leading Swedish university in the area and establish ourselves as a premiere European nano-centre. We work with Swedish industry to create business opportunities based on nanotechnology and educate the key experts needed for the future.

Our mission is to promote and support nanoscience that can be the starting point for new technologies. We foster implementation of nanotechnologies in society and develop nanodevices and nanomaterials for a sustainable future. Examples of which include devices or materials that improve efficiency in energy production and conversion, replace toxic or scarce materials, or provide superior performance in different applications. 

Page manager Published: Mon 21 Feb 2022.