Statistics and Biomathematics Seminar

Please notice that the list below is subject to changes. The time for the seminar is 13.15 and the location is seminar room MV:L14, Chalmers tvärgata 3, unless otherwise noted.
12/12 - Jes Frellsen (Dept. Computer Science, IT University of Copenhagen): TBA. Time: 14.15, room MV:H12

31/1 - Christian A. Naesseth (Automatic Control, Linköping): TBA

Past seminars this year:

18/1 - Bernhard Mehlig (GU): DNA extension in nano-channels
15/2 - Giovanni Volpe (GU): Active Matter in Complex and Crowded Environments
27/2 (Tuesday) - Ruth Baker (University of Oxford): In vitro and in vivo studies of tissue growth: model building and validation using quantitative data
15/3 -  Niek Welkenhuysen & Johannes Borgqvist (Chalmers/GU): A systems biology approach to identify the source of cell-to-cell variability
12/4 -  Johannes Borgqvist (Chalmers/GU): The triangle of ageing: dynamic damage retention and repair are essential
19/4 - Raj Bhansali (Imperial College): Rational Spectral Density Models For Lattice Data
17/5 - Adam Malik (Chalmers/GU):  Modelling cell migration as a jump process with spatially dependent rates
24/5 - Erwan Koch (EPFL): Spatial risk measures induced by powers of max-stable random fields. Abstract
31/5 - Henrike Häbel (Natural Resources Institute Finland): Remote sensing based estimation of forest biodiversity
7/6 - Thordis Thorarinsdottir (Norwegian Computing Center): Paths and pitfalls in model evaluation: The importance of being proper
13/6 (Wednesday at 10:00 in MVL15): Roeland Mercks (Universiteit Leiden): Mathematical biology of mechanical cell-extracellular matrix interactions during angiogenesis
6/9 - Lukas Käll (KTH Genteknologi, SciLifeLab): Distillation of label-free quantitative mass spectrometry data by clustering and Bayesian modeling. Abstract
14/9 - Alex Fletcher (University of Sheffield): Mathematical modelling and analysis of epithelial morphogenesis. Abstract
17/9 - Julia Gog (Cambridge University): Some topics in infectious disease modelling

26/9 - Andreas Deutsch (Technical University of Dresden): Biological lattice-gas cellular automaton models for the analysis of collective behaviour in interacting cell populations. Room: MV:L15, time: 10.00-11.00
27/9 - Jukka Corander (Department of Biostatistics, University of Oslo): Resolving the mysteries of bacterial evolution by ultra-fast ABC inference. Abstract
28/9 - Kenneth C. Millett (Department of Mathematics, University of California Santa Barbara): Knots and Links in Proteins. Abstract
4/10 - Marco Longfils: Single diffusing particles observed through a confocal microscope: an application of the doubly stochastic Poisson point process. Abstract
5/10 - Charlotte Hemelrijk (University of Groningen): Collective motion of flocks in relation to a predator. Abstract
9/10 - Gunnar Carlsson (Stanford): Topological Data Analysis and Deep Learning. This seminar is joint with Computational and Applied Mathematics.
11/10 - Maria Bruna (Oxford University): Diffusion of particles with short-range interactions
19/10 - Maria-Rita D’Orsogna (California State University Northridge): Mathematical Models of Criminal Behaviour
25/10 - Harri Lähdesmäki (Department of Computer Science at Aalto University School of Science): Non-parametric methods for learning continuous-time dynamical systems. Abstract.
1/11 - Petter Mostad (Chalmers): Error rates for unvalidated medical age assessment procedures. Abstract.
7/11 - Thomas Schön (Dept. of Information Technology, Uppsala University): Assembling stochastic quasi-Newton algorithms using Gaussian processes. Abstract.
21/11 - Josef Wilzén: Physiological Gaussian Process Priors for the Hemodynamics in fMRI Analysis. Abstract.
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