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The Mathematics library is a research library and the main subjects covered are mathematics, statistical mathematics and numerical analysis. 

The Mathematics Library supports researchers, teachers and students at the Department of Mathematical Sciences, but is also open to the public.

Opening hours 

For students and the public

Mondays 13-15 

Wednesdays 12-14

Thursdays 13-15

For staff

The staff at Department of Mathematical Sciences have access to the library by using the keycard. 

About the library

The library is situated at floor 0 in the MV-building. Except the book collection, journals from 2014 and forward are available. There is a loan and return computer, search computer, copy machine, three study places, one sofa, one meeting room, new books, reservations and the library office. Older journals can be found in the journal magazine down the hall next to the library. There is also a book archive at the same location. 

The library has its own classification, based on MSC: 

Kontakta biblioteket


The librarian is most of the time available in the office  during office hours. We are available to answer questions outside of opening hours on phone, e-mail, Teams or Zoom. 

Search books and articles

If you want to search only for print books from the Mathematics library, there is separate entry in the library catalogue for this: Print books limited to Mathematics library. ​

The Mathematics library collection is also searchable in the Chalmers library catalogue together with books from the other libraries and e-books and articles. In both search systems you can also renew your loans and place requests on books.

For books published before 1965 from Chalmers library's collection, search the main library's digitized card catalogue can be searched.

Interlibrary loans

If you need to make an interlibrary loan, please fill in the form for interlibrary loans or send us an e-mail:


The Mathematics Library's subscriptions can be found in E-journals.

Forgot your pin code to borrow books?

You can reset your library card pin code on your own.

Library committee

Johanna Pejlare, chairman, Mathematical Sciences
Richard Lärkäng, Mathematical Sciences
Sofia Arvidsson, Chalmers Library/Mathematical Sciences
Lars-Håkan Herbertsson, Chalmers Library
Annelie Janred, Gothenburg University Library

Book acquisitions

Proposals for the purchasing meetings can be submitted either directly to the library or to members of the purchasing group. Here you can see who represents different subject areas:

Analysis and geometry

Peter Kumlin (chairman):


Peter Jagers:

Algebraic geometry and number theory

Per Salberger:


Ann-Brith Strö

Topology, varia

Thomas Weibull:

Complex analysis

Richard Lärkäng:


Loans and regulations

Everybody can borrow books

You need a library account in order to borrow books. You can find books yourself by using the catalogue, and you register your loans yourself by using the loan and return- computer with library card or personal number and pin code.

Books can be borrowed, but not journals

All books can be borrowed, except for reference books. Journals may only be borrowed by staff and guests at Mathematical Sciences, and must be available in the office. Other users have the possibility to make photocopies. Single volume of journals must never leave the library.

Loan period

Books can be borrowed for at least 14 days and at the most 3 months. If another user requests the book the loan period is automatically shortened. The loan can be renewed once for a period of 90 days. Please notice that researchers, teachers, employees and guests at Mathematical Sciences always have the first priority to books they are in need of. Therefore it is possible that their loans get renewed despite of holds, or they are placed first in line for already requested books.

Returning loans

Return your loans in time or renew them before or as soon as you get a notice from the library. Reminders are sent by e-mail for items not returned by the due date. If late items are not returned after 4 reminders, the book is considered as lost. There is a replacement fee of 600 SEK and a late fee of 200 SEK, and the loan account will be blocked. If the book is returned, you only have to pay the late fee. Employees at the Mathematics department are exempted from the fee regarding loans from the Mathematics library.​​​

Addresses to the Mathematics Library


Postal address

Mathematical Sciences
Mathematics library
Chalmers University of Technology
412 96 Göteborg

Please note: The Mathematics Library no longer wish to receive printed licentiate or doctoral theses from other institutions than Chalmers and the University of Gothenburg.

Visiting address

Chalmers tvärgata 3, ground floor

Mathematical Science is a joint department between Chalmers and the University of Gothenburg.