The colloquium runs roughly once every month on Mondays, usually in Euler or Pascal at 1515-1615. The ambition of the colloquium is to gather students and employees from all divisions for overview talks by renowned experts about exciting mathematical topics.

The colloquium is organized by Philip G​​erlee, Magn​us Goffeng and Richard Lärkäng. Feel free to contact any one of us for questions or suggestions for colloquia speakers. Even if the colloquium for the term is fully booked, suggestions for the Mathematical Sciences Seminar are always welcome.

Colloquia Autumn 2019
19-08-28 in Pascal
Elin Götmark (Chalmers/GU)

19-09-23 in Euler
Richard Schoen (University of California, Irvine)

19-10-21 in Euler
Jeff Steif (Chalmers/GU)

19-11-18 in Pascal
Pär Kurlberg (KTH)


19-12-16 in Pascal
Aila Särkkä (Chalmers/GU)

Published: Fri 21 Apr 2017. Modified: Thu 13 Jun 2019