Mathematical Physics

We are interested in mathematical problems inspired by physics. Our research topics include partial differential equations arising in general relativity, kinetic theory, continuum mechanics and quantum physics, special functions in mathematical physics, quantum properties of black holes and connections with representation theory. Examples of systems that we study are solvable lattice models, the Vlasov-Poisson/Vlasov-Einstein system in galactic dynamics, the Vlasov-Maxwell system in plasma physics, Boltzmann-like kinetic equations in low temperature physics, the Euler equation in fluid dynamics, the Cauchy equations in non-linear elasticity, the Schrödinger and Gross-Pitaevskii equations in quantum mechanics. We investigate questions such as the existence and asymptotic behaviour of solutions, the stability of steady states, as well as the topological properties and the spectral theory of these – and other – models.


Håkan Andréasson Mathematical problems in Gravitational Physics and Kinetic Theory
​Jakob Björnberg​ Probability theory on physics-motivated problems
Thomas Bäckdahl ​Mathematical problems related to general relativity, in particular black holes, their geometry and stability.
Simone Calogero Mathematical methods in Kinetic Theory, General Relativity and Continuum Mechanics
Tobias Gebäck ​Lattice Boltzmann methods and mathematical models for transport in porous materials
Martin Hallnäs ​Quantum integrable systems and special functions
Alexei Heintz ​Mathematical problems of flow and diffusion in heterogeneous media, Geometric dynamics of surfaces with applications to biological membranes
​Daniel Persson ​Quantum properties of black holes and connections with representation theory
​Hjalmar Rosengren ​Solvable lattice models, Special functions of mathematical physics
​Bernt Wennberg ​Many particle systems and kinetic theory
​Leif Arkeryd ​Mathematical problems in Kinetic Theory and Low Temperature Physics
​Mohammad Asadzadeh ​​Finite element methods for the neutral (neutron transport) and charged (Vlasov-Poisson, Vlasov-Maxwell, Fokker-Planck, Fermi, BGK and Schrödinger) particle transport
PhD Students

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