Senior Researchers 

Rebecka Jörnsten, docent
Clustering and model selection. Microarrays.


Erik Kristiansson, forskarassistent


Petter Mostad, docent
Forensic statistics. Bayesian statistics.


Olle Nerman, professor


Staffan Nilsson, docent
Medical statistics. Biostatistics.


Marita Olsson, universitetslektor
Biostatistics in general, epidemiology, genetic epidemiology.


Mats Rudemo, professor
Microarrays, 2D electrophoresis, image analysis, spatial statistics, particle tracking, precision forestry, statistics in biology and engineering.


Anders Sjögren, postdoc


Ziad Taib, adjungerad professor
Medical statistics. Biostatistics.

Kerstin Wiklander, universitetslektor
Experimental design, dispersion effects, biostatistics, environmental statistics, industrial applications, arctic statistics. Member of the research platform GRIP (Gothenburg University Research platform on Integrative Physiology)

PhD Students  

Tobias Abenius
Krzysztof Bartoszek
Models for evolution. Stochastic differential equations.
Fredrik Boulund
Viktor Johnsson
Anna Larsson
Vera Lisovskaja
Medical statistics.
José Sánchez

Theses and licentiates
Exam year Thesis
Malin Östensson 2012 Statistical Methods for Genome Wide Association Studies
Frank Eriksson Semiparametric Survival Models for Routine Register Data
Sofia Tapani Three dimensional mathematical modelling of pronuclei migration for the mouse
Alexandra Jauhiainen 2010 Statistics in Gene Expression, Metabolomics, and Comparative Genomics in Evolution Microarray Analysis of mRNA Decay Assays and Prediction of Drug Target Conservation
Magnus Åstrand 2008 Normalization and Differential Gene Expression Analysis of Microarray Data On Bootstrapping Survival Data
Erik Kristiansson 2007 Statistical Analysis of Gene Expression Data A New Method for Analysis of Microarray Gene Expression Assays

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