Biomathematics, biostatistics and other bioapplications

In recent years, there has been a rapid development in biology and life-sciences to work with more quantitative methods. This has caused a two-way interest both from the bio-side and the mathematical community to find new tools and collaborations. Here in Gothenburg there are several centers dedicated to this challenge: Chalmers' Area of Advance in Life Science, and Gothenburg Center of Systems Biology. See also the database on general mathematical and theoretical activities on biological questions at At Mathematical Sciences in Gothenburg there are four subgroups working on mathematical biology: Biomath, Biostatistics, Bioinformatics and statistical genetics and Population dynamics.


The Biomath group work on various mathematical applications on biological phenomena. For example, there is theoretic work done on differential equations and their numerical applications on cell metabolism. There are also studies of evolutionary problems concerning the organisation and development of genes, game theoretic questions related to biology and sympatric speciation. The Biomath group has also a significant overlap with the platform Center for Theoretic Biology at the University of Gothenburg.
Members: Bernt Wennberg, Torbjörn Lundh, Maria Cvijovic, Martin Adiels, Peter Helgesson, Philip Gerlee, Martin Berglund.


Biostatistics is the application of statistical methods to biological problems, traditionally mostly within medicine and agriculture. Various application areas include medical statistics and clinical trials, epidemiology, population genetics and statistical genetics, environmental statistics, quantitative evolutionary biology and ecology, and many others. Our institution has a long history of interest in and contributions to biostatistics.
Members: Olle Nerman, Mats Rudemo, Ziad Taib, Staffan Nilsson, Rebecka Jörnsten, Marita Olsson, Kerstin Wiklander, Erik Kristiansson, Petter Mostad, Anders Sjögren, Tobias Abenius, Krzysztof Bartoszek, Fredrik Boulund, Viktor Johnsson, Anna Larsson, Vera Lisovskaja and José Sánchez.

Bioinformatics and statistical genetics

The group do research on statistical genetics and bioinformatics. There is usually a concrete medical question behind the studies which ranges from stochastic modelling to computer algorithm and software development. The researchers are engaged in the GU-lead research school in Genomics and Bioinformatics, Chalmers International Master Programme in Bioinformatics and Systems Biology and the Systems Biology Masters Programme at Göteborg University.
Members: Staffan Nilsson, Marita Olsson, Serik Sagitov, Mats Rudemo, Olle Nerman, Marina Axelson-Fisk, Petter Mostad, Ziad Taib, Rebecka Jörnsten, Erik Kristiansson, Anders Sjögren, Marija Cvijovic, Fredrik Boulund, Viktor Johnsson, Anna Larsson, Mariana Pereira, José Sánchez and Tobias Abenius.

Population dynamics

We study various aspects of stochastic population models, where certain degree of independence among individuals is assumed. Some keywords: branching processes, population genetics, extinction, population growth, ancestral patterns, effects of inbreeding, evolutionary dynamics of escape, coalescent with multiple mergers, age-dependent reproduction, selective sweeps, adaptive dynamics, effective population size.
Members: Marina Axelson-Fisk, Peter Jagers, Olle Nerman, Serik Sagitov, Ziad Taib.

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