Members of Biomathematics and biostatistics area

Biomathematics and biostatistics

The Bio-group develops mathematical and statistical models and methods addressing various biological phenomena. The members of the group are involved in research projects in the areas of

  • systems biology,
  • mathematical and statistical modeling of cancer,
  • statistical genetics, bioinformatics, and metagenomics,
  • quantitative evolutionary biology and ecology,
  • population dynamics and genealogical models,
  • medical statistics, clinical trials, and epidemiology.


We participate in the joint Statistics and Biomathematics Seminar on Thursdays, 13:15-14:15, room MV:L14. It is also announced in the Calendar of Mathematical Sciences.


Marina Axelson-Fisk Bioinformatics and statistical genetics
Marija Cvijovic ​Systems biology Cvijovic Lab​
Philip Gerlee ​Biomathematics
Rebecka Jörnsten Biostatistics Jörnsten Lab
Erik Kristiansson Genomics
Torbjörn Lundh ​Biomathematics
Petter Mostad ​Forensic statistics. Bayesian statistics
Umberto Picchini ​Biostatistics
​Julie Rowlett ​Geometric analysis
​Serik Sagitov ​Population dynamics
​Moritz Schauer ​Biostatistics
Bernt Wennberg ​Biomathematics
Peter Jagers ​Population dynamics
​​Olle Nerman ​Statistical genetics
Mats Rudemo ​Spatial statistics
Anna Johnning ​Bioinformatics
Jenny Larsson ​Biomathematics
Martin Boström ​Bioinformatics
PhD Students
Oskar Allerbo ​​Biostatistics
Marcus Baaz ​PK/PD modelling
Svenja Braam ​Systems biology
Felix Held ​Biostatistics
Henrik Imberg ​Biostatistics
​Juan Inda ​Biostatistics
Carl-Joar Karlsson ​Geometric analysis
​Gustav Lindwall ​Biomathematics
Damiano Ognissanti​ Systems biology​
Sebastian Persson ​Systems biology

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