PhD Theses 1968-2013

PhD theses in probability and mathematical statistics 1968-2013

  • Fredrik Lindgren, On Weak and Strong convergence of Numerical Approximations of Stochastic Partial Differential Equations


  • Malin Östensson, Statistical Methods for Genome Wide Association Studies
  • Frank Eriksson, Correlated random effects models for clustered survival data


  • Oscar Hammar, Percolation: Inference and Applications in Hydrology
  • Sofia Tapani, Stochastic modelling and analysis of early mouse development
  • Ottmar Cronie, Modelling and Inference for Spatio-Temporal Marked Point Processes
  • Dmitrii Zholud, Extreme Value Analysis of Huge Datasets: Tail Estimation Methods in High-Throughput Screening and Bioinformatics
  • Daniel Ahlberg, Asymptotics and dynamics in first-passage and continuum percolation


  • Wengang Mao, Fatigue assessment and extreme response prediction of ship structures
  • Alexandra Jauhiainen, Statistics in Gene Expression, Metabolomics, and Comparative Genomics in Evolution
  • Marcus Warfheimer, Interacting particle systems in varying environment, stochastic domination in statistical mechanics and optimal pairs trading in finance
  • Marcus Isaksson, Topics in Hardness of Approximation and Social Choice Theory


  • Viktor Olsbo, Spatial Analysis and Modelling Motivated by Epidermal Nerve Fiber Patterns
  • Mattias Sundén, Some Markov Processes in Finance and Kinetics
  • Johan Tykesson, Continuum percolation in non-Euclidean spaces
  • Magnus Åstrand, Normalization and Differential Gene Expression Analysis of Microarray Data


  • Oskar Sandberg, The Structure and Dynamics of Navigable Networks
  • Erik Kristiansson, Statistical Analysis of Gene Expression Data
  • Maria Conceicão Serra, A Multitype Branching Processes Approach to the Evolutionary Dynamics of Escape
  • Johan Svensson, Assessment of residual life for opportunistic maintenance
  • Anders Sjögren, Weighted Analysis of Microarray Experiments
  • Erik Brodin, Extreme Value Statistics and Quantile Estimation with Applications in Finance and Insurance
  • Magnus Karlsson, Load Modelling for Fatigue Assessment of Vehicles - a Statistical Approach


  • Gwenaëlle Genet, A Statistical Approach to Multi-input Equivalent Fatigue Loads for the Durability of Automotive Structures
  • Erik Broman, Interacting Particle Systems: Percolation, Stochastic Domination and Randomly Evolving Environments
  • Fredrik Lundin, Case Studies in Omniparametric Simulation
  • John Gustafsson, Unwarping and Analysing Electrophoresis Gels


  • Jenny Andersson, Non-overlapping Germ-grain Models: Characteristics and Material Modelling
  • Carl Lindberg, Portfolio Optimization and Statistics in Stochastic Volatility Markets
  • Ilona Pylvänäinen, A Parametric Approach to Yeast Growth Curve Estimation and Standardization
  • Anders Muszta, Contributions to Numerical Solution of Stochastic Differential Equations
  • Mats Kvarnström, Position Estimation and Tracking in Colloidal Particle Microscopy


  • Sara Lorén, Fatigue limit, inclusions and finite lives - a statistical point of view
  • Sharon Kühlmann-Berenzon, Edge correction and regression models for quantifying single-tree influence on understory vegetation


  • Catrin Bergkvist, Circular Data Analysis of Repeated Measurements - Inspired by Growth Hormone Data
  • Joachim Johansson, Moment estimation using extreme value methods
  • Ulrica Olofsson, Branching Processes: Polymerase Chain Reaction and Mutation Age Estimation


  • Mikael Knutsson, On Power Estimation and Score Predictions in Affected Sib-Pair Linkage Analysis
  • Dan Mattsson, On Perfect Simulation of Markovian Queueing Networks with Blocking
  • Tobias Adolfsson, Statistical Methods for Designed Experiments and Spectroscopic Data


  • Per Gösta Andersson, Improving Estimation Quality in Large Sample Surveys
  • Staffan Nilsson, Which Genes are Involved? - Statistical Planning and Analysis of Human Genetic Disease Samples
  • Gunnar Kjell, Estimating Probability Distributions by doing Computer Experiments


  • Johan S. Carlson, How to Reduce Geometrical Variation in Assembled Products
  • David Svensson, A Class of Renewal Processes in Random Environments
  • Nibia Aires, Techniques to Calculate Exact Inclusion Probabilities for Conditional Poisson Sampling and Pareto ps Sampling Designs


  • Stefan Franzén, Fixed Length Sequential Confidence Intervals for Proportions
  • Marina Alexandersson, Branching Processes and Cell Populations
  • Ali Falahati, Two-Sex Branching Populations


  • Karin Nelander, Contributions to Percolation Theory and Exact Sampling


  • Kerstin Wiklander, Analysis of Dispersion Effects in Unreplicated Factorial Designs
  • Nader Tajvidi, Characterisation and Some Statistical Aspects of Univariate and Multivariate Generalised Pareto Distributions
  • Marianne Månsson, On Clustering of Random Points in the Plane and Space
  • Carl-Fredrik Burman, On Sequential Treatment Allocations in Clinical Trials
  • Thomas Svensson, Fatigue Life Prediction in Service - a Statistical Approach


  • Marita Olsson, EM Estimation in Phase Type Models
  • Mikael Andersson, The Final Size of Multitype Chain-Binomial Epidemic Processes


  • Olle Häggström, Aspects of Spatial Random Processes
  • Marina Tsygan, A Certain Class of Foster-Lyapunov Functions and Ergodic Properties for Markov Models
  • Johan Jonasson, On Positive Random Objects
  • Peter Olofsson, General Branching Processes with Local Dependences


  • Henrik Nyberg, Birth and Death Processes in Random Environments


  • Ziad Taib, Labelled Branching Processes with Applications to Neutral Evolution Theory
  • Per Broberg, Sibling Dependences in Branching Populations: Effects on Growth, Composition, and Extinction Probability


  • Tommy Norberg, Random Sets and Capacities with Applications to Extreme Value Theory
  • Ulf Palmqvist, State Estimation for Acid-Base Blending Systems


  • Stig Rosenlund, Busy Periods and other Aspects of G/M/m and M/G/1 Queues


  • Hermann Thorisson, The Coupling of Regenerative Processes


  • Thomas Larsson, Asymptotic Properties of the Bith Times in Critical and Subcritical Bellman-Harris Process


  • Martin Härnqvist, Occurrences in a Branching Process
  • Hasse Carlsson, Remainder Term Estimates in One- and Many-Dimensional Renewal Theory
  • Olle Nerman, On the Convergence of Supercritical General Branching Processes


  • Anders Odén, Some Principles of Statistics


  • Sture Holm, Statistical Tests of Composite Hypotheses and their Asymptotic Properties
  • Torgny Lindvall, Weak Convergence in the Function Space D[0,∞) and Diffusion Approximation of Certain Galton-Watson Branching Processes
  • Mats Rudemo, Partially Observed Markov Chains and Point Processes
  • Lennart Råde, Thinning of Renewal Point Processes


  • Anders Grimvall, On the Transition from a Markov Chain to a Continuous-Time Process
  • Olav Kallenberg, Characterization and Convergence of Random Measures and Point Processes


  • Nils Blomqvist, Contributions to the Theory of the GI/G/1 Queuing System


  • Peter Jagers, Five Contributions to the Mathematical Study of Populations

Published: Fri 26 Apr 2019.