Ph.D Courses 2009/10

Fall 2009
  • MSF300 Probabilities and Expectations (1st half, Torgny Lindvall)
  • Noise sensitivity and sharp thresholds (Oct-Dec, Jeff Steif)
  • Chaos Expansions, Finite Elements, and Randomly Forced Equations (Krzysztof Podgorski, Igor Rychlik)
  • Introduction to Graphical Markov models (Oct-Dec, Nanny Wermuth)
Spring 2010
  • Weak Convergence (1st half, Sergei Zuyev)
  • MSF100 Statistical Inference Principles (1st half, Rebecka Jörnstam)
  • MSF200 Stochastic Processes (1st half, Patrik Albin)
  • Gaussian Stationary Processes (2nd half, Anastassia Baxevani)
  • Elements of Statistical Learning (2nd half, Jenny Jonasson, Mats Rudemo)
  • Robust konstruktionsmetod för ökad tillförlitlighet (anm senast 29 jan 2010, Jacques de Mare)
  • Size-biased random trees and limit theorems in branching processes (May, K. B. Athreya, Peter Jagers)
  • ABC-techniques and Applications (June, Simon Tavaré, Olle Nerman)

Published: Mon 29 Apr 2013.