Postgraduate courses 22/23

Ph.D. courses given at our department:


Canonical metrics on Kähler manifolds and holomorphic vector bundles. (Q1-Q2)
Examiner: Lars Martin Sektnan


Lie groups, Lie algebras and representations
Examiners: Genkai Zhang and Clemens Weiske

Statistical Climatology
Examiner: Peter Guttorp (guest professor)

Numerical methods and machine learning algorithms for solution of Inverse problems
Examiner: Larisa Beilina.


Advanced topics in probability 
New course joint with masters (code MSF600) which will be given every second year
Examiner: Jeff Steif
Registration not in FUBAS. Follow procedure for signing up for masters courses. Registration should open on 15th of September.


Calculus of variations
Examiner: Simone Calogero

Number theory in function fields
Examiners: Anders Södergren and Patrick Meisner

Modern topics in probability theory
Examiners: Michael Björklund, Jakob Björnberg and Johan Tykesson

Courses available all year:

  • Seminar course in mathematics (7.5 credits, available for students in the graduate school mathematics)
  • Seminar course in mathematical statistics (7.5 credits, available for students in the graduate school mathematical statistics)
  • Seminar course in applied mathematics and mathematical statistics (7.5 credits, available for students in the applied graduate school)

The syllabus for the seminar courses will soon be available

External courses:

PhD Courses at the Nordic Five Tech list:

Courses joint PhD/Master given at our department:
Here are lists of courses in mathematics and mathematical statistics that are joint PhD/Master-level courses. Not all of these courses are given every year. To find information about the courses and when they are given, see the two linked webpages below.

Math courses (MMA-codes):

  • MMA100 Topology
  • MMA110 Integration theory
  • MMA120 Functional analysis
  • MMA130 Theory of distributions
  • MMA140 Spectral theory and operator algebras
  • MMA150 Complex analysis in several variables
  • MMA201 Representation theory
  • MMA211 Advanced differential calculus
  • MMA310 Galois theory
  • MMA320 Introduction to algebraic geometry
  • MMA330 Commutative algebra
  • MMA340 Analytic number theory
  • MMA350 Algebraic number theory
  • MMA410 Fourier and wavelet analysis
  • MMA430 PDE
  • MMA511 Large-scale optimization
  • MMA600 Numerical linear algebra
  • MMA620 High performance computing
  • MMA630 Computational methods for SDE
  • MMA711 Financial derivatives and PDE
Mathematical statistics courses (MSA- and MSF- codes):

  • MSA101 Computational methods for Bayesian statistics
  • MSA150 Foundations of probability
  • MSA220 Statistical inference for large data sets
  • MSA301 Spatial statistics and image processing
  • MSA350 Stochastic analysis
  • MSA400 Financial risk
  • MSA410 Financial time series
  • MSF100 Statistical inference principles
  • MSF200 Stochastic processes

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