Doctoral and licentiate theses
The publications of Mathematical Sciences are registered in the publication data bases of Chalmers ( or the University of Gothenburg (GUPEA). All the publications from the department can be seen in both data bases.

All publications of Mathematical Sciences, sorted on year of publication (from 2005, latest on top)
All publications of Mathematical Sciences, sorted on type of publication (from 2005)

Publications of the division Mathematics, sorted on year of publication (latest on top)
Publications of the division Mathematical statistics, sorted on year of publication (latest on top)

All doctoral theses of Mathematical Sciences (from 1998, latest on top)
All licentiate theses of Mathematical Sciences (from 1998, latest on top)

Preprints Department of Mathematical Sciences ("Blå serien", 2005-2015)

Many of the lists are restricted in time, depending on the fact that the department was re-organized January 1, 2005 (earlier the name was Department of Mathematical and Computational Sciences and included the division of Computing Science). There are many more search possibilities from this search page, for example author, year, type of publication and subject.

Published: Tue 29 Jan 2019.