Guests at Mathematical Sciences

An essential ingredient of our research consists of scientific collaboration with colleagues from near and from far. Every year we host a large number of short- and long-term visitors.


Name University and country Period Host​
Yingzhan Wang ​Guangzhou University, Guangdong, China ​2022-08-01–2023-08-01 ​Genkai Zhang
​Marcin Sroka ​Jagellonian University, Krakow, Poland ​2022-02-01–2022-06-30 ​Bo Berndtsson
Volodymyr Rybalko ​Institute for Low Temperature Physics and Engineering, Ukraina ​2022-01-10–2022-03-10 ​Irina Pettersson
Christophe Mourougane ​Rennes 1, France ​2021-12-05–2021-12-14 ​Dennis Eriksson
​Isabel Martinez The Pontifical Catholic University of Chile, Chile ​2021-11-09–2021-12-08 ​Irina Pettersson
Oscar Marmon ​Lund University, Sweden ​2021-11-09–2021-11-10 ​Julia Brandes
Kevin Hughes ​Bristol University, UK ​2021-11-07–2021-11-13 ​Julia Brandes
Andrei Karzhou ​University of Tromsö ​2021-11-04–2021-11-29 ​Irina Pettersson
Giuseppe Giordano ​University of Salerno, Italy ​2021-11-01– 2022-02-07 ​David Cohen
​​Carlos Jerez Hanckes ​Universidad Adolfo Ibánez, Chile ​2021-11-03–2021-11-17 ​Irina Pettersson
Miroslav Englis ​Academy of Sciences, Prag, Czech Republic ​2021-10-24– 2021-10-29 ​Genkai Zhang
​Daniel Fiorilli ​Université Paris-Saclay, France ​2021-10-17–2021-10-24 ​Anders Södergren
Lukas Bjarke Engberg ​Aarhus Universitet, Denmark ​2021-10-05– 2021-10-08 ​Lars Martin Sektnan
​Isidora Kristófersdóttir ​Göteborgs universitet, Sweden ​2021-10-04–2022-06-17 ​Marija Cvijovic
Magnus Goffeng ​Lunds universitet, Sweden ​2021-09-30 ​Lyudmila Turowska
Johan Larsson ​Lunds universitet, Sweden ​2021-09-21 ​Umberto Picchini
Olof Elias ​ ​Alfréd Rényi Institute of Mathematics, Hungary ​2021-09-13–2021-09-17 Johan Tykesson
​Mihaly Kovacs ​Pazmany Peter Catholic University, Hungary ​2021-08-02–2021-08- ​Stig Larsson
Samuel Wiqvist​ Lund University, Sweden 2021-05-10–2021-05-12 ​Umberto Picchini

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