Geometry from Chalmers in the Mathematics Hall of Fame

The International Congress fo Mathematicians, ICM, is the largest and most prestigious conference in the field of mathematics. On the next occasion, in St. Petersburg 2022, Robert Berman has been invited to give a presentation in the geometry section of the conference.
The ICM was first held in 1897 and is thus one of the world's oldest congresses. The fact that it is held only every four years is an additional contributing factor to the high status it has achieved over the years. To be invited to give a presentation is an honor which in an article in the journal Nature 2015 was compared to being elected to a hall of fame in any sport.

Robert Berman is a professor in the division of Algebra and Geometry. He became Wallenberg Academy Fellow 2012 and Wallenberg Scholar 2019. About his participation at ICM, he says "It will be fun to interact with mathematicians from all over the world".

Robert's research revolves around Kähler geometry. It studies a special type of geometric shapes that, among other things, appear in modern theoretical physics when Einstein's theory of gravity is to be merged with quantum mechanics, which describes subatomic particles. His research has, among other things, demonstrated an unexpected connection between Kähler geometry and the theory of complex systems.

You can read more about Robert's research here:
Mathematics that describes the universe’s geometric structure

Mathematical sciences also had representation at ICM 2018 by Bo Berndtsson, also in the Department of Algebra and Geometry and Robert Berman's supervisor during his doctoral studies.

Page manager Published: Mon 13 Sep 2021.