Research from Mathematical Sciences on IVA's 100-list

IVA has published this year' list of 100 "current research projects with the potential to create benefits, through commercialization, business and method development or societal impact". A spinoff company from the Department of Mathematical Sciences is on the list.​​​​​

​PressCise Torbjörn Lundh

Lundatex® medical (and the company PressCise) is the result of collaboration between a mathematician, a surgeon and a textile developer. The surgeon, Dr. Erney Mattsson, saw an unsolved problem with the bandage he used in his practice; the mathematician, professor Torbjörn Lundh, together with PhD student Jonatan Vasilis, solved the problem with a mathematical formula. The mathematical formula was handed over to Josefin Damm, the textile developer, who interpreted it into a textile. 

The knitted textile construction that makes Lundatex® medical bandage has very specific properties. Further, visual guides on the bandage control the overlap and the force used during application. This results in a bandage with a mathematical formula built into a textile material. With this, we can guarantee that a precise pressure is given to the leg, independent of applier, size and shape of the leg, and if the leg is in resting position or active. It is truly a smart bandage!

Photo: Setta Aspström

Page manager Published: Wed 11 May 2022.