Wise Equality Award to Mathematician

​Julie Rowlett, Associate Professor at the Department of Mathematical Sciences, has received the newly established award after nomination from her students. The award is a recognition of excellence in promoting gender equality and diversity at Chalmers.

Julie RowlettWise, Workforce for Inclusive SciencE, celebrates their 10-year anniversary by instituting the Wise Equality Award to reward good efforts. Wise is a supportive network aiming to promote a gender inclusive academia with the vision to foster equal opportunities for any gender to qualify for positions and to make a career in academia. They arrange among other things seminars, workshops and a mentorship programme. The network was initiated by persons at the Department of Electrical Engineering, which is host for the network, and open to both women and men.

The nominees for the award should be either students or employees at Chalmers or joint departments at University of Gothenburg. The criteria were among other things that the nominee should be a promoter of inclusiveness and gender equality at the workplace and a role model, demonstrate commitment to an improved and inclusive environment for gender equity on campus, and show commitment to women’s and gender equity issues.

Julie Rowlett receives the award for her daily work and to highlight that even small things in everyday life can be very important. The nomination from the students reads in its entirety:

Julie has inspired many students with her teaching style by being funny, kind and motivational, while transferring knowledge effectively. She broke stereotypes always dressed in pink and talking about her cats, showing that women in maths can be however they want. As director of the engineering mathematics programme, she showed true engagement in her role by demonstrating that she genuinely cares about the students. Through her engagement with the women association for engineering physics and engineering mathematics students Julie has kept on the agenda the importance of considering the students’ situation and of supporting female and nonbinary students. She understands the importance of inspiring through good role models, and she is active in organising events with this aim. For example, she once invited a great female mathematician to speak about the role of women in mathematics. In her research, Julie tries to publish with other female mathematicians as much as possible.

All in all, Julie has already inspired so many students in engineering physics and engineering mathematics and she is always bringing new ideas on how to improve things to the table. Julie deserves this award since she is a role model, shows commitment to gender equity issues and has organised several activities as well as mentored and promoted women.

Photo: Setta Aspström

Page manager Published: Fri 26 Nov 2021.