Göran Gustafsson Prize to Chalmers mathematician

​In the borderland between analysis, algebra and geometry: Elizabeth Wulcan, Professor in Mathematics at Chalmers University of Technology, has been awarded the Göran Gustafsson Prize of 2020 by the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences.

Elizabeth WulcanThe motivation for the award is "for her central and multifaceted work in the borderland between complex analysis and commutative algebra".

Elizabeth Wulcan uses tools from one mathematical area, analysis, to study problems in other mathematical areas - geometry and algebra. Among other things, she works on developing the theory for and applications of so-called residue currents. These can be used to represent basic objects in algebra and geometry (such as curves and surfaces).

The theory that she and her co-authors have developed has, among other things, led to new results regarding effective polynomial division, which is a classic problem from the early 1900s. It has also been used to find a brand new way of solving the so-called Cauchy-Riemann equation, which plays a fundamental role in complex analysis and geometry.

About the Göran Gustafsson Prizes
The prizes are awarded annually since 1991 to researchers who are at most 45 years old, in the fields of mathematics, physics, chemistry, molecular biology and medicine. The universities of Sweden nominate candidates, the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences reviews the proposals and the award winners are then appointed by the Göran Gustafsson Foundation for Research in Natural Sciences and Medicine. Each prize winner receives SEK 5.1 million in research grants, distributed over three years, and a personal prize of SEK 250 000.

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Text: from the Swedish web site of the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences
Photo: Setta Aspström

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