Loans and regulations

Everybody can
borrow books

You need a library card in order to borrow books. You can get one at the library (you have to show a valid ID) or use the one from Chalmers main library. You find your books yourself by using the catalogue, and you register your loans yourself by using the loan and return- computer. If your library card is lost or stolen, please tell us at once so we can stop anyone else using it. Do not allow anyone else to use your card: you are responsible for any items borrowed using your library card.

Books can be borrowed, but not journals

Books can be borrowed, except for reference books. Journals may only be borrowed by staff and guests at Mathematical Sciences, and must then be available in the office. Other users have the possibility to make photocopies. Single copies of journals must never leave the library.
Loan period
Books can be borrowed for at least 14 days and at the most 3 months. If another user requests the book the loan period is automatically shortened. The loans can be renewed twice. Notice that researchers, teachers, employees and guests at Mathematical Sciences always have the first priority to books they are in need of. Therefore it is possible that their loans get renewed despite of holds, or they are placed first in line for already requested books.
Returning loans
​Return your loans in time or renew them before or as soon as you get a notice from the library. Reminders are sent by e-mail for items not returned by the due date. If late items are not returned after 3 reminders, an invoice is sent out and borrowers are liable to pay a replacement charge for the book plus an administrative charge of 300 SEK.

Published: Tue 08 Oct 2019.