For current students

This page will contain news, information, and answers to questions in connection to the master programme in Mathematical sciences at the University of Gothenburg.

Course and exam sign-up and registration

To avoid confusion, it is useful to separate between two concepts: Course sign-up and course registration. A course sign-up (kursanmälan) signals your intention to follow a course. Starting 2011, sign-up can only be done using, (except for courses given at Handelshögskolan, see the finance specialization). A course registration (kursregistrering) means that you are registered in the Swedish database Ladok as a student of the course. It also means that the Swedish government pays the university for teaching you this course. Registration normally happens in connection with the start of the course.

Course sign-up (kursanmälan)

You should always sign up for courses you plan to follow. If you do not do so in time, you may not get into courses that become full, or courses that appear to have no students may get cancelled. It is also very helpful for our department in its planning, of lecture room sizes, teaching resources, etc. that students sign up well in advance of the course start. For most courses at the math department, the possibility to sign up will close about two weeks after course start. However, for other courses the possibility to sign up closes well in advance of course start.

Course sign-up is always done via the interface (except for courses given at Handelshögskolan, see the finance specialization), and is a prerequisite for registration. Except for courses given at Handelshögskolan, courses connected to the master program in mathematical sciences should be available for sign-up in for registered program students. In order to sign up as a student of the program you first have to login to your account at the GU Student portal before signing up for courses at

All program students can also follow many other non-program courses, but the sign-up for these may only be available via the Swedish-language interface of Students who don't speak Swedish may need to get help from a friend to sign up. It is also possible to get help with the sign-up from our secretary Jeanette Montell. For help with courses at Handelshögskolan, see contact persons for the finance specialization.

Course registration (kursregistrering)

Registration is generally done at the start of each course, in connection with the students attending the first course meeting. For courses given at Mathematical Sciences, the following holds: Students who have signed up but who do not attend the first course meeting will not be registered for the course unless they contact our secretary, Jeanette Montell. Students who sign up so late that their name is not called out at the first course meeting should receive a mail to their GU account about how to register. For courses not given at Mathematical Sciences, please contact the teacher or department directly, if you cannot attend the first course meeting, or if you sign up late.

You can check which courses you are registered to by logging onto the GU student portal. It may take a couple of days after a registration before the course appears in the student portal.

Exam sign-up

For courses at Mathematical Sciences, you will need to sign up for the exam of each course. You will need to do this even when you are registered for the course. Exam sign-up is done in the student portal.

Thesis project

Information for current students about thesis project work has been collected in this Canvas page which should be available to all registered master students at MV. Please contact Petter Mostad​ to get access.

Language help (both Swedish and English) and Swedish language courses

University of Gothenburg offers free language support for its students. For more information, please see webpages in English​ or webpages in Swedish. Please also consider courses in Swedish​.

Swedish personal ID numbers

Your Swedish personal ID number is your key to a lot of things in Sweden. During the application process, non-Swedes get assigned a temporary number. Once you arrive in Sweden, you apply for and get a permanent number, and you will receive a "Personbevis" document with your number. It is important that you submit this document to the university, for example to Jeanette Montell, as soon as possible, in order to minimize the possibilities for administrative complications.

Including courses from your previous university in your current master degree

It is possible to include master-level courses that you have passed at other universities into your Mathematical Sciences master degree. There are two possibilities:

  1. Such courses can give you credits towards the requirement of a total of 120 credits for your master degree. To get such credits, you bring the original documentation about the courses from your previous university to the Examination unit of the University of Gothenburg. After reviewing your documentation, they may grant you extra points corresponding to the courses.
  2. Such courses may also give you credits that help you fulfil the special requirements of our master program. For example, you may have passed a course where the content corresponds to one of the specialization courses listed for your specialization. The course could then count towards fulfilling your specialization requirements. To obtain such credits, you should contact the program coordinator specifying exactly which course among our courses you would like to substitute, and exactly which course in your previous education has the corresponding content. You should include documentation about your previous course, so that it is possible to judge its content. The teacher of the corresponding course here will give his or her judgement about your earlier course. If the judgement is positive, you'll get a letter confirming that your old course may substitute our course. Then you must follow the procedure in the step above, i.e., go to the examination unit with all your documentation, including the letter. The examination unit will then make the final decision.

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