MMA150 Complex Analysis in Several Variables. 7,5 hec

In this course you will study functions of several complex variables that are complex differentiable in a suitable sense. Similar to the situation of one complex variable, complex differentiability is a much stronger notion than real differentiability. This makes it possible to develop tools and obtain results that would not extend to the real setting.
Complex analysis in several variables is a field that has seen great development during the last century and there are connections to several parts of modern mathematics, like analysis, algebra, geometry, and topology. In the course you will study various central concepts and methods within the field.
Although much of the basic theory of several complex variables can easily be derived from the one-dimensional setting, there are phenomena, like the famous Hartog's phenomena about extensions of complex differentiable functions, that occur only in higher dimensions. During the course you will learn about this and other examples that illustrate that the theory of complex variables in many ways essentially differs from the theory of one complex variable.
The course is given
  • in the second half of spring
  • every second year


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