Courses Mathematics

​Listed below you will find our Bachelor courses and Master-level courses in mathematics. The language of instruction will be English unless all involved are Swedish speakers.
1) The course is given in academic years starting with an odd number, e.g. 13--14
2) The course is given in academic years starting with an even number, e.g.14-15

H1 = first half of autumn, H2 = second half of autumn
V1 = first half of spring, V2 = second half of spring

H1   MMG621 Nonlinear Optimization, 7.5 hec (same as MMG620)
H1   MMG700 Analytic Function Theory, 7.5 hec
H1   MMG710 Fourier Analysis, 7.5 hec
H2   MMG640 Scientific Visualization, 7.5 hec
H2   MMG810 Options and Mathematics, 7.5 hec (fr o m H17)

V1   MMG500 Algebraic structures, 7.5 hec
V1   MMG800 Partial Differential Equations, 7.5 hec
V2   MMG610 Discrete Mathematics, 7.5 hec (1)
V2   MMG631 Linear and Integer Optimization with Applications, 7.5 hec
V2   MMG720 Differential Geometry, 7.5 hec (2)

       MMA970 Project course in Mathematics, 15 hec
       MMA990 Project course in Mathematics, 30 hec
H1  MMA110 Integration Theory, 7.5 hec
HT  MVA200 Perspectives in Mathematics, 7.5 hec  
H1  MMA201 Representation Theory 7.5 hec
H1  MMA330 Commutative algebra, 7.5 hec (2)
H1  MMA400 Applied Functional Analysis, 7.5 hec
H1  MMA600 Numerical Linear Algebra, 7.5 hec
H1 MMA620 High Performance Computing, 7.5 hec

H2  MMA120 Functional Analysis, 7.5 hec
H2  MMA310 Galois Theory 7.5 hec (1)
H2  MMA320 Introduction to algebraic geometry 7.5 hec (2)
H2  MMA410 Fourier and Wavelet Analysis, 7.5 hec (2) 
H2  MMA500 Project course in Partial Differential Equations, 7.5 hec
H2  MMA511 Large-Scale Optimization, 7,5 hec
H2  MMA520 Project Course in Mathematical Modellering, 7.5 hec

V1  MMA100 Topology, 7.5 hec
V1  MMA211 Advanced Differential Calculus, 7.5 hec (1) (from V20) (replace MMA210)
​V1  MMA130 Theory of Distributions, 7.5 hec (2)
V1  MMA350 Algebraic Number Theor, 7,5 hec (1) (from V20)
V1 MMA340 Analytic Number Theory, 7,5 hec (2)
V1  MMA630 Computational methods for stochastic differential equations, 7,5 hp (1)
V1  MMA711 Financial Derivatives and Partial Differential Equations, 7.5 hec
V2  MMA140 Spectral Theory and Operator Algebras 7,5 hp (2)
V2  MMA150  Complex Analysis in Several Variables, 7,5 hp (1) (from V20)
V2  MMA430 Partial Differential Equations II, 7.5 hec

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