Master Thesis

​To write a Master Thesis at Mathematical Sciences

Hand med pennaThis concerns writing a Master thesis at Mathematical Sciences. There are resources for writing a Master theses (information in Swedish) which you as a thesis worker at our Department have access to, and information about printing of thesis and announcement of the defence.

To find a Master Thesis at Mathematical Sciences

At the web page with proposals for Master thesis you can find ready proposals for a topic for Master thesis.

At our Department there are researchers​ from many areas of Mathematics and Mathematical Statistics. Thus you have many opportunities and large freedom in the choice of the topic for your Master thesis. At the page Research areas​ there is a good presentation of the Departments research areas and research groups.

Some research areas have ready proposals on their web pages, while others prefer to make suggestions based on individual background. Do not hesitate to contact somebody in a research area in case you are interested to write a Master thesis in their area.​​​​

Page manager Published: Tue 17 Nov 2020.