Head and deputy head of department
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Bernt Wennberg Head of department 5326 wennberg
Aila Särkkä Deputy head of department 3542 aila

Heads of divisions and units
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Mats Andersson Head of the Division of Algebra and Geometry 3571 matsa
​Håkan Samuelsson Kalm ​Head of the Unit for PhD students and postdoctors ​3568 ​hasam
​Lyudmila Turowska ​Head of the Division of Analysis and Probability Theory ​5341 ​turowska
Hjalmar Rosengren ​Head of the Unit for PhD students and postdoctors ​5358 ​hjalmar
Serik Sagitov Head of the Division of Applied Mathematics and Statistics 5351 serik
​Annika Lang ​Head of the Unit for PhD students and postdoctors ​5356 ​langa
Helena Rafstedt Head of Support Functions 3507 heraf

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Setta Aspström Web editor, secretary 3598 setta

Undergraduate education
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Stefan Lemurell Vice head of department, education 5303 sj
​Elin Götmark ​Director of studies, Mathematics ​5340 ​elin
​Johan Tykesson ​Director of studies, Mathematical Statistics ​3514 ​johant
Laura Fainsilber Director of studies, Teacher Education 3560 laura
Thomas Wernstål Director of studies, staffing 3557 twernst
Julie Rowlett Programme coordinator Teknisk matematik, Chalmers 5349 rowlett
​Martin Hallnäs ​Programme coordinator Matematikprogrammet, GU 3536 hallnas
Håkan Andréasson Director of Master's Programme Engineering Mathematics, Chalmers 5330 hand
​Marina Axelson-Fisk ​Director of Master's Programme Data Science and AI, Chalmers ​4996 ​marinaa
​Philip Gerlee ​Director of Master's Programme Lärande och ledarskap, Chalmers ​5354 gerlee
Hjalmar Rosengren ​Director of Master's Programme Mathematical Sciences, GU ​5358 ​hjalmar
Sonja Göc Study counsellor, GU students 3505 svl.math
​Emma Palm Bogren ​Communicator student recruitment, GU students ​1880 palemma
Jeanette Montell-Westerlin Education administrator/student counsellor Scientific foundation year programme 5388 jw
Elisabeth Eriksson Education administrator/staffing officer 3593 fia
​Eva Andersson ​Study administrator ​1877 ​evanders
​Pernilla Junedahl ​Study administrator ​6388 ​perjun
​Frida Zachrisson Administrator​ 5344 fridaz
Postgraduate studies
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Aila Särkkä Deputy head of department, postgraduate studies 3542 aila
Johan Tykesson Director of studies Mathematics and Mathematical Statistics 3514 johant
​Marija Cvijovic ​Director of studies Applied Mathematics and Mathematical Statistics ​5321 ​marija
Marie Kühn Administrator of postgraduate studies 4995 kuhn

Departmental faculty meeting
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Samuel Bengmark Chairman 5302 samuel
​Julie Rowlett ​Vice chairman ​3419 ​rowlett
Archives and registry
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Frida Zachrisson Registrar 5344 fridaz
​Lotta Fernström ​Document coordinator ​3502 ​lottaf
Financial management
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Cecilia Gelin Department financial officer 3577 gelinc
Helene Carlund Financial officer Algebra and Geometry, Analysis and Probability Theory 5363 helenec
​Johan Sandgren ​Financial officer Applied Mathematics and Statistics ​5318 ​johsand
Human resources
Extension  E-mail
Anna Engkvist HR Partner 6471 annaeng
LRS Salaries administration Chalmers 2632 lonehelp
Statens servicecenter
Salaries administration GU 786 4040 
​Marie Kühn ​Personnel administrator Chalmers employees  Analysis and Probability Theory ​4995 ​kuhn
Lotta Fernström Personnel administrator Chalmers employees Algebra and Geometry and Applied Mathematics and Statistics 3502 lottaf
​Pernilla Junedahl HR administrator all GU employees ​ ​6388 ​perjun

Extension E-mail
Frida Zachrisson Administrator 5344 fridaz

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​Sofia Arvidsson ​Librarian ​6520 ​sofiaar
IT support
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Ulf Andersson IT technician 6614 it.math
House matters/caretaker
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Jovan Pankovski Responsible for the buildings, head of service, caretaker 8292 husservice.math

Work environment representatives
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Sonja Göc, ordinary University of Gothenburg 3505 gsonja
​Umberto Picchini, substitute ​University of Gothenburg ​6414 ​picchini
Reimond Emanuelsson Chalmers University of Technology 5892 reem

Environment representative
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Equal opportunities representative
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Erik Kristiansson                                         3521 erikkr

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