Exploring unreliability and its countermeasures


Part I. Methodology
1.  Introduction - Reliability, variation and the use of robust design methodology. Bo Bergman, Martin Arvidsson  
2. Evolution of Reliability thinking – countermeasures for some technical issues. Åke Lönnqvist 
3. Principles of robust design methodology. Martin Arvidsson, Ida Gremyr. Accepted for publication in Quality and Reliability Engineering International 
4.  An operationalization of robust Design. Martin Arvidsson, Ida Gremyr, Torben Hasenkamp

Part II. Methods
5.  Variation Mode and Effect Analysis: a Practical Tool for Quality Improvement. Per Johansson, Alexander Chakhunashvili, Stefano Barone, Bo Bergman. Quality and Reliability Engineering International, Vol. 22, pp.865-876, 2006 
6.  Including noise factors in design FMEA. Åke Lönnqvist 
7. Probabilistic Variation Mode and Effect Analysis: A Case study of a jet engine component. Pär Johannesson, Thomas Svensson, Leif Samuelsson
8.  Verification of Safety Critical Components. Magnus Karlsson, Bengt Johannesson, Thomas Svensson, Jacques de Maré 
9.  Uncertainties in fatigue life prediction under Gaussian Loadings. Igor Rychlik 

Part III. Modelling
10.  Life prediction in statistical control. Thomas Svensson, Åke Lönnqvist 
11.  Monte Carlo simulation vs. sensitivity analysis. Sara Lorén, Pär Johannesson  
12.  Model complexity versus scatter in fatigue. Thomas Svensson. Fatigue and Fracture of Engineering Material and Structures, Vol. 27, pp. 981-990, 2004 
13. Choice of complexity in constitutive modelling of fatigue mechanisms. Erland Johnson, Thomas Svensson  
14.  12,5 Interpretation of dispersion effects in a Robust Design Context. Martin Arvidsson, Ida Gremyr, Bo Bergman (Journal of Applied Statistics)

Part IV. Conclusions
15.  Reflections for future development. Bo Bergman, Jacques de Maré 

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