May 2012
GMMC day, May 30​

May 2011
Humboldt-Kolleg / Research workshop: Mathematics, statistics and computer science for interpreting structure, May 16-18

December 2010
GMMC day, December 10

November 2010

Workshop on Modeling and Simulation of Paper Structures, FCC and GMMC, November 30

June 2010

Symposium for Jacques de Maré: Mechanical Reliability and Material Fatigue, June 4

May 2010
Six Sigma Day, May 26

March-May 2010:
Kurs, Robust konstruktionsmetodik för ökad tillförlitlighet, 2-3 och 23-24 mars, 20-21 april, 18-19 maj

December 09:

Optimization of Maintenance Activities - Models, Methods and Applications, Göteborg, December 10-12

September 09:
ENBIS9: Quantitative Process Analysis for Creation of Business Opportunities and Solutions, Göteborg, September 20-24

Maintenance for increased reliability, September 16-17
August 09:
GMMC day, Chalmers Science Park, August 20

June 09:
Post Doctoral Position in the field of mathematical modelling and numerical analysis for radiation particle transport, June 1

May 09:

Fatigue Design for Safety, Göteborg, May 25-27

March 09:
Vinterkurs: Generaliserade lineära modeller med slumpeffekter, Vålådalen, March 9-12

February 09:
Industry-Academy meeting: Mathematics and Statistics for Insurance and Finance, Sigtuna, February 10-11

September 08:

Invited symposium on radiobiologically based optimization for IMRT, September 13
August 08:
Pre-conference tutorials for ISCB2008, 22-23 augusti

July 08:

Statistical methods for longitudinal studies, July 29-August 2

May 08:
Workshop "Samhälle och sociala dilemman: spelteoretisk och annan matematisk modellering", May 22-23

Sixth European Finite Element Fair, May 30-31

April 08:
Workshop in Spatio-temporal Stochastic Models, 1-4 april

Robust konstruktionsmetodik för ökad tillförlitlighet - tillförlitlighet och variation, April 17

Feb 08:
Defence of licentiate thesis, Karin Kraft: Adaptive Finite Element Methods for Optimal Control Problems, February 19
Dec 07:
Workshop Robust Multiobjective Design Optimization With Simulation, December 3-4

Defence of doctoral thesis, Erik Kristiansson: Statistical Analysis of Gene Expression Data, December 7

Defence of licentiate thesis, Fardin Saedpanah: The Continuous Galerkin Method for Fractional Order Viscoelasticity, December 17

Nov 07:
Workshop: Asset Liability Management and SimIns, Stockholm, November 15

Defence of doctoral thesis, Milena Anguelova: Observability and identifiability of nonlinear systems with applications in biology, November 30

Sep 07:
Defence of doctoral thesis, Alexander Herbertsson: Pricing Portfolio Credit Derivatives, September 14

Workshop: Spatio-Temporal Stochastic Models in Geophysical Sciences, September 26-28

June 07:
Defence of doctoral thesis, Johan Svensson: Assessment of residual life for opportunistic maintenance, June 1

Defence of licentiate thesis, Christoffer Cromvik: Numerical Folding of Airbags Based on Optimization and Origami, June 7

May 07:
Workshop Stochastic Approaches to Evolution, May 26-30

Defence of doctoral thesis, Anders Sjögren: Weighted Analysis of Microarray Experiments, May 24

March 07:
Defence of doctoral thesis, Erik Brodin: Extreme Value Statistics and Quantile Estimation with Applications in Finance and Insurance, March 9

2nd Workshop on Mathematical Aspects of Systems Biology, March 21-24

February 07:
Defence of doctoral thesis, Magnus Karlsson: Load Modelling for Fatigue Assessment of Vehicles - a Statistical Approach, February 23

Jan 07:
Position as PhD Studentship in Mathematics in Mathematical Modelling in Cardiovascular Medicine

Dec 06:
Seminar Guo Chengjun, Sichuan University, China: Electron transport bipartition model and its application in tumour radiotherapy
Nov 06:
Failure mode avoidance - a course arranged by UTMIS (The Swedish Fatigue Network) and GMMC
Seminar, Johanna Kempe: Mean energy and range in light ion beams
Oct 06:
Position as Assistant professor in optimization with application to medicine and simulation

Defence of doctoral thesis, Gwenaëlle Genet: A Statistical Approach to Multi-input Equivalent Fatigue Loads for the Durability of Automotive Structures, October 27

Sept 06:
Position as Post Doc in applied mathematics

Position as Assistant professor in discrete reliability theory and spatial stochastic processes

Defence of doctoral thesis, Erik D. Svensson: Computational Characterization of Mixing in Flows, September 1

Aug 06:
Defence of licentiate thesis, Hanna Martinsson: Model-Based Localization of a Three-Dimensional Object from Images

Seminar, Luo Zhengming: Algorithm Investigation in Phoenix Treatment Planning system

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