The vision of GMMC is to be a role model for cooperation between mathematics and industry-society-science. Our mission will be to sharpen the competitive edge of industry by providing new mathematical and statistical tools, to support society by access to safer and fairer ways of operating, and to provide all science with the best tools for mathematical and statistical analysis and modelling. Thus we will contribute to the adaptation of universities to the rapidly changing needs of society and industry. We will share the strategic perspective of the best industrial research institutes, but combine it with the flexible and dynamic atmosphere of a first-class academic institution.

The centre will produce new strategic knowledge in the following areas: Risk, Reliability and Quality, Biomathematics, Computational Technology, Optimization, and Spatial Statistics and Algorithms. The knowledge is of a kind that which could not be generated without the cross-disciplinary structure of the centre.

Page manager Published: Mon 13 Nov 2017.