Official opening of the GoCAS program Origin of Biodiversity

Origin of Biodiversity – A cross-disciplinary thematic program on genome evolution and speciation

Press release (in Swedish)

14.00 Welcome! - Karin Hårding, Gothenburg Centre for Advanced Studies in Science and Technology representative
14.05 Pam Fredman, Vice-Chancellor of the University of Gothenburg
14.10 Stefan Bengtsson, President of Chalmers University of Technology
14.15 Alexandre Antonelli, Director Gothenburg Global Biodiversity Centre

14.25 Prof. Scott Edwards, Harvard University, program chair of the thematic program - Origins of biodiversity: birds, dinosaurs and DNA

Although we know from paleontology that dinosaurs are still among us in the form of birds today, it is less clear how dinosaur genomes changed to evolve into the streamlined, feathery creatures that are now found throughout the globe. In this talk we will take a journey starting from the dinosaur ancestors of birds and learn how modern genomics and evolutionary theory can tell us not only what dinosaur genomes looked like, but also the key events in DNA that transformed dinosaurs into birds. It is a fascinating story covering over 200 million years of evolution, and gives us insight into how birds are coping with modern pressures of human-induced global changes.

15.10-15.30 Questions and discussion
15.30-16.00 Coffee, cake and continued discussions. Informal poster session.

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Category Public lecture
Location: Wallenbergsalen, Wallenberg Centre, Medicinaregatan 20A
Starts: 19 April, 2017, 14:00
Ends: 19 April, 2017, 16:00

Published: Thu 30 Mar 2017. Modified: Wed 19 Apr 2017