Origin of Biodiversity

​Biodiversity and macroevolution, with an emphasis on the tropics

This symposium will highlight evolutionary processes over deep time in the tropics, exploring links between models and empirical processes of biodiversity buildup in terrestrial ecosystems.

The symposium runs April 3-13, on the first day there are open lectures for everyone interested.

Local host: Alexandre Antonelli.

9.00 Welcome, overview of the week’s schedule and goals
9.05 Short presentations of participants
9.30 Scott Edwards (USA, Harvard)
10.10 Lucia Lohmann (Brazil, São Paulo)
11.10 Hans ter Steege (Netherlands, Leiden)
13.00 Carina Hoorn (Netherlands, Amsterdam)
13.40 Hanna Tuomisto (Finland, Turku)
15.00 Isabel Sanmartín (Spain, Madrid)
15.40 James Albert (USA, Louisiana)
16.20–17.30 Panel discussion (Moderator: Christine Bacon): Identifying the Ten Major Challenges and Prospects in Neotropical Biodiversity Research

Category Public lecture
Location: Mallvinden, Hörsalsvägen 1
Starts: 03 April, 2017, 09:00
Ends: 03 April, 2017, 17:00

Published: Thu 30 Mar 2017. Modified: Mon 03 Apr 2017