Analysis and Probability seminar

​Peter Sjögren, Göteborg: Non-centered maximal operators related to a non-doubling ex- ponential measure

We investigate non-centered Hardy-Littlewood maximal opera- tors related to the exponential measure dμ(x) = exp(−|x_1|−... −|x_d|) dx in R^d, d ≥ 2. The mean values are taken over Euclidean balls or cubes or l^1- balls. In the cases of cubes and l^1-balls we prove the Lp-boundedness for p > 1 and disprove the weak type (1,1) estimate. The same is proved in the case of Euclidean balls, under the restriction d ≤4 for the positive result.

Organisers: Jakob Björnberg (, Erik Broman ( and Genkai Zhang ( Please contact us if you wish to be informed of future seminars.

​The seminar will be held in MV:L14 as well as via Zoom. Members of the department will receive the link and password via mail, and can also attend in MV:L14. Others interested are welcome to attend on Zoom and can get the link by contacting one of the organisers (please inform us who you are).
Category Seminar
Location: MV:L14 and Zoom
Starts: 30 November, 2021, 13:15
Ends: 30 November, 2021, 14:15

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